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JumpStart Program


CEO Coaching For Startups

JumpStart is a one-on-one coaching program for Startup CEOs who are building and scaling businesses. It’s a coaching program but a partnering experience with a public and private company CEO who works closely with you to help accelerate growth and speed problem solving in young companies.

Through a combination of strategy discussions, troubleshooting and ongoing coaching, JumpStart lets you leverage years of experience in the trenches building and turning around successful private and public companies and put it to work accelerating growth in your business.

The Program

The program begins with a full day deep dive into your business led by John Payne, an experienced 4-time founder and public/private company CEO, with a focus on finding opportunities to dramatically accelerate growth and identify limitations that are holding the business back. After the initial deep dive, John meets with the CEO twice each month for 2-3 hours to talk about strategy and tactical happenings in the business, discuss progress and identify ongoing opportunities for acceleration. He is available throughout the month by phone and email for help and consultation and can be paired with struggling executives as part of the program to assure their success. Each program is customized to the needs of the particular business.

Focus By Stage

Focus for earlier stage companies is on Go-To-Market strategy while establishing and optimizing a scalable and profitable business model. This includes development and troubleshooting of the Revenue Buildup, a key for all emerging companies. For more established growth businesses, focus is on accelerating growth, assisting struggling or failing members of the team and problem solving. In the course of the program, he makes valuable introductions and is available to assist with preparation for fundraising and corporate development.


The monthly consulting fee for the program is $3,000 for pre-revenue businesses and $5,000 for post revenue businesses. For more information and a free phone consultation regarding whether JumpStart is right for your business, send inquiries to .